Beitou 新北投溫泉

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Famous home of hot springs in the Taipei area, Beitou is the most convenient area for travelers visiting Taipei to enjoy authentic thermal hot springs.
During the Japanese occupation, the area around the natural hot springs was developed into a resort destination filled with nice resorts, inns, hotels, tea houses, parks, and public baths. As a result of its immense popularity, a train line and station were built to attract visitors from far and wide to enjoy the beauty of the area.
The area around Xinbeitou station is filled with various public and private baths. Each bath may have different etiquette and general rules, so be sure to first check the rules before entering the bath.
The three common types of hot springs include green sulfur (slightly green colored and only found in Beitou and Akita, Japan), white sulfur (a milky colored spring which make up the majority of springs in the area), and iron sulfur (transparent springs found around the Ding Beitou area).