Tamsui 淡水老街

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Tamsui is located in northwest of Taipei basin. Tamsui is surrounded by mountains and rivers and the scenery is beautiful. Hongmao Castle is a historical site in Tamsui with historical meaning. It was built by the Spaniards in 1626 and restored by the Dutch. The castle was called Anthony Castle. Because Taiwan people called the Dutch people Hongmao (people with red hair), the castle thus was called Hongmao Castle.

The castle was once taken by the English and it was returned to our country in 1980. The castle is more than 300 years old and is designated as 1st class historical site. When one ascends to the overlook platform, one can view one of the eight great scenes of Tamsui, the sunset at Shutai. Nearby there are Old Oxford School, Residence of Dr. Mackay and Tamsui College. These old buildings are mostly well preserved. When one walks among these buildings, he (she) would feel that times have turned back. One can enjoy the old streets, the cool breeze, the flower/trees planted by residents and the sense of relaxation. Walking on the old streets along the riverbank, visitors may view the old buildings and may try the tasty local dishes, such as fish dumplings, Ah Gei (Oily Bean Curd) and hard eggs, etc. The dock is a good place for marvelous sunset viewing. Visitors can also take the boat ride between Tamsui and Bali. Anyone would love to watch the flying cranes and listen to the river flowing. At Bali, they have this famous dish from peacock clams. Tamsui is such a wonderful place and be sure to visit it.