Yeliou 野柳

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Located in New Taipei City (Taipei County) along the North Coast of Taipei, the Yeliou Geopark (formerly known as the Yeliou Scenic Area)is known for its collection of unique rock formations. Formed by decades of sea erosion and earth movement, the Yeliou Geopark presents peculiar surroundings and the beauties of nature. The 700 meters rocky coastline contains a variety of rocks and fossils in different shapes, including candles, mushroom, bean curd, beehive, kettle, mixing plate etc.
Yeliou Geopark is extremely popular among the North Coast Scenic Areas in Taiwan.The popular sceneries at Yeliou Scenic Area are the Queen’s Head, the Fairy’s Shoe, and the Candle Rock. The wave erosion effects are also well known in the Yeliou Geopark, it is the most remarkable erosion scenic spot in Taiwan. Apart from unique natural sceneries, Yeliou Geopark also features Ocean World, which is the first ocean park in Taiwan offering live sea creature performances. At the Ocean World, you are able to see performances of dolphins and sea lions. In addition, the Ocean World features a 100 meter long undersea tunnel for you to watch all sorts of marine life at your own leisure.